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We’ve compiled a list of answers to frequently asked questions

Can I drive right to the accommodation unit?

 Yes, a dirt road leads to the building which is accessible by standard 2WD vehicles.

How private is the accommodation unit?

Your SkyScape is located in an isolated location. It is the only building located within a 30ha SkyScape block, a fenced off re-vegetation area, which you have exclusive use of. You may see a farm truck or tractor in the distance, but it will not come into the SkyScape block, which has been retired from intensive farming to allow the native vegetation to grow back.

What do I need to bring?

Warm clothes for outside star gazing are recommended as even in summer our evenings can be cool.
Light weight clothing for inside the accommodation as it can get very warm.
Appropriate footwear if you want to take advantage of the many walking/biking tracks on the farm. Some people find sunglasses useful in the bright sunlight.
Being so close to the Southern Alps means our weather is very changeable and often we can have four seasons in one day!

Is it safe to sleep under a glass roof?

The whole building, including the glass roof has been engineered to the highest level of building standards in NZ. The roof can support a heavy dump of snow and the whole building can cope with winds of over 220km/h. Rest assured, you are very safe inside this unique building.

What do I take on the farm tour?

A camera, sun hat, sunglasses, suitable footwear for walking and jacket on cooler days. Dust and dirt are key elements on a farm, so dark coloured clothing is preferred by some guests.

What is the temperature inside the SkyBed unit?

During your stay, the extraction fan and air conditioning unit will keep the building at a comfortable temperature.


Can I bring my own food?

There are limited cooking facilities so self catering is not recommended. Breakfast is included and there is the option to pre-order an evening platter or salad. Alternatively, Twizel is only a 12km drive away with a selection of restaurants to choose from. Please contact SkyScape for recommendations.

Is wifi available?

Yes, wifi is available. We do challenge our guests, however, to ‘Switch off’ for a least a portion of their stay in order to truly appreciate this unique landscape without interruptions.

Will I see the stars?

We cannot control the weather, so some nights the stars may not be visible due to cloud cover. However, just watching clouds move across the sky on a moonlit night is almost as impressive. Sleeping under glass you can’t help but be wowed by what ever ‘show’ mother nature gives you.

How dark will it be?

The darker it is the better the star viewing will be. With almost zero light pollution, it is one of the premier places in the world to view the stars. Please be prepared for the darkness that surrounds the unit on a moonless night.